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To provoke, share, exchange ideas and to build new models of leadership and governance at an international level.



Making Future makes use of communication tools to inform and stimulate reflection, offering ways of interaction to contribute earnestly by generating the growth and evolution of the debates, collaborating with international partners in order to feed over borders confrontation over possible solutions .


They are a formula of Be Your Essence which means debate on the web, online debates, led by a moderator and fueled by contributions and relations between business leaders, institutions and leading associations (discussant). The goal is to foster in-depth study and reflection on relevant issues to build new models of sustainable development.

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#1 web-ate

From storytelling to storymaking.

The new behaviors of the “activist brands”

27th May @ 19.00

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Rethinking the core business

Innovability and value strategy.

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From value strategy to tangible goals

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Value strategy

From storytelling to storybeing

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Towards new KPIs

Gratitude indicators

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From storytelling to storymaking

Waiting is the future that presents itself empty handed“.Michelangelo


How will our individual behaviours, our relationships, our movements, our consumption choices, change in a post-pandemic world in the coming months and years? History teaches us that what we predicted never happens, and the consequences of major historical events on a global scale are always unexpected. So, there is no need to redesign the future, but to redesign oneself for the future, putting the human factor at the center of the equation of our civilization, to guarantee a sustainable future full of new opportunities. This applies to both individuals, companies and organizations. Humanity will surely come out of it, but we do not know how much wellness, freedom and democracy we will find beyond the emergency. In the coming months, we will be exposed to an incessant and contradictory flow of life and market experiences. What are the guiding principles to be adopted now, to be ready for this new scenario?


Humans were always far better at inventing tools than using them wisely
– Yuval Noah Harari

Profit-oriented, technology-driven, speed-racing, unfair treatment… From victims of such a typology of deviations, it is time to go back to the true human essence: inner design, awareness and responsibility as basis of the choices for the new future. Otherwise life – in all its forms – risks becoming more and more empty, useless or even harmful to the entire system.

Rather than solution-providers, raising the right questions and asking the Why may help looking at things from a different more value perspective: it is the key-principle of the Innovability, a new approach for pursuing human sustainability in the evolutionary key it implies.


Certainly all historical experience confirms the truth – that man would not have obtained the possible unless time and again he had reached out for the impossible.
– Max Weber

There are challenging points when usual habits and conventions are broken, making us feel lost and afraid. The most just staying and waiting for any ‘leaders’ to solve the situation. But the challenge concerns everyone and can be duly faced only by aware and joint effort. Shall we want to be overwhelmed or actors?

Digital transformation, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, fintech and insurtech, virtual reality  and other available innovation technology as means or objectives?


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

– Albert Einstein

A world accelerated by fast innovation technology and ungoverned globalization had led to deviations (i.e. unfair prices and remunerations, low quality of skills, etc.), general homologation and wick systems. Leveraging on the epochal turn we are all in, companies and institutions should go back to their true mandate and raise the right questions for shaping their new future. For adaptive strategies that guarantee resilience, appropriate reactions and accountability towards their clients/citizens in any challenging situations.

From storytelling to storymaking  to storybeing


Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow
– Melodie Beattie ”

Companies are habit to measure their performance through the Key Performance Indicator (KPI), which refer to specific business targets and objectives.

Key indicators relating to the human being features are rarely considered: values, aspirations, vocation, life plans, personal sphere, interaction with each own communities and professional partners.

Without appropriate insights investigating the ability to generate gratitude in people, companies and institutions will not be able to allocate resources in the most appropriate way.

Who we are


Born as a path aimed at reflecting on the current human, social and economic situation, and as an advocacy tool to feed and promote innovative solutions in relation to leadership, governance and culture of the future.

Making Future dawns from data analysis and observes that never before has there been a lack of skills, strategic competences and long-term vision in decision-making roles, in all sectors and at all levels. We live in a time of global emergencies, with ruling classes that are limited in their handling if not by mirroring old models with important repercussions on future generations. How will we face the new technological challenges, social inequalities, economic crises, global environmental and health catastrophes, if not by revolutionizing, evolving, the leadership and governance models that have led us to the current unsustainable condition?

Making Future is not only proposed as a strategic think tank, but above all as a catalyst for solutions. A platform where strategies for solving emergencies of the planet are designed, to be shared with leaders and institutions capable of applying them.

Making Future triggers change, and confirms the principle of its Manifesto the equilibrium of the human element as the cornerstone of any future policy and initiative.

We produce not only visions, but solutions for the future of Culture, Industry, Politics, Economy, Society and Environment. By bringing together humanists, scientists, artists, doctors, economists, entrepreneurs and leaders in all sectors of production, thanks to a top-down and bottom up cross-approach, and giving space to holistic thoughts , lateral, even counterintuitive, that can generate disruptive innovative and sustainable impact, to redirect globalization with the briskness that is required of us from the impending crisis.

It’s time for bravery : Making Future chooses courage as its primary core, the creative force of intelligence as a spark, and listening to the heart as an orientation, putting oneself at the service of new leadership and governance that will shape the future in the name of sustainable innovation for the Planet and for Humanity.

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